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When SHTF, It Pays to Be Prepared

Everything we take for granted could be gone in an instant. Anything from a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or major economic turmoil can turn even the most civilized society into absolute chaos. Don't let the safety of you and your family come down to chance.


I have been a prepper and survival enthusiast since I was a child, exploring the great out doors, building shelters, using ancient methods to generate fire, and foraging for edible plants. After seeing the chaotic nature of towns and cities after natural disasters, I started to prepare myself in the event that such misfortune found me. 

I really started to get serious about preparation and ensuring I had the resources to survive once my child was born. Being responsible for another defenseless life really makes you realize how inadequately prepared you are. I started this guide and these reviews to ensure that myself and others like me are ready for whatever the world throws at them. 

Image by Markus Spiske
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