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50 Essential Survival Items

This is by no means a complete list, and there will be different requirements for the different environments you are operating in, however, this should be a sufficient starting point for most people to begin creating their own survival kit. Many of these items come preassembled in Quake Kits completely prepares survival kit.

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  1. First Aid Kit

  2. Water bottles or hydration system

  3. Water purification tablets or personal water filter

  4. Fire starter (matches, lighter, firesteel, etc.)

  5. Emergency blanket

  6. Portable stove or camping cookware

  7. Multi-tool or knife

  8. Compass and map of the area

  9. Flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries

  10. Personal hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, wet wipes, etc.)

  11. Insect repellent

  12. Sunscreen

  13. Emergency whistle

  14. Emergency radio

  15. Cash or small amount of emergency money

  16. Waterproof and durable backpack to carry items

  17. Emergency shelter (tent, tarp, etc.)

  18. Paracord or rope

  19. Food rations or non-perishable food items

  20. Fish hooks and line

  21. Emergency signal mirror

  22. Personal identification and important documents

  23. Hand warmers

  24. Sturdy and comfortable hiking boots or shoes

  25. Warm clothing, including extra socks and gloves

  26. Rain poncho or other waterproof clothing

  27. Extra batteries for electronic devices

  28. Solar or hand-crank powered phone charger

  29. Battery-powered or hand-crank powered flashlight

  30. Emergency phone numbers

  31. Personal medications and copies of prescriptions

  32. Small folding shovel or entrenching tool

  33. Small hatchet or folding saw

  34. Portable water filter or water purification system

  35. Emergency flares or smoke signals

  36. Small first aid manual or guide

  37. Emergency contact information for family and friends

  38. Duct tape

  39. Personal hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, wet wipes, etc.)

  40. Trash bags or plastic bags

  41. Waterproof matches or fire starter

  42. Extra car key or house key

  43. Extra set of car registration and insurance documents

  44. Battery-powered or hand-crank powered radio

  45. Personal locator beacon

  46. Emergency Mylar blanket

  47. Survival knife

  48. Hand sanitizer

  49. Waterproof and durable carrying case for electronic devices

  50. Small folding camping stove

Small word about some items on this list. Ideally you should have two different forms of firestarters. Matches and a lighter work great until its pouring rain or your pack ends up getting soaked. Items like food and water filtration, as well as flashlights, tools, knives, and medications should be packed for each person you are preparing for.

All in all, this list would be sufficient for a person to begin building their own kit. For an accelerated start, check out Quake Kits line of prebuilt survival kits.


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